Congo Specialized Engineering Comprime Contractor For Mega Projects

Congo Soutenement is a foundation engineering company. We are a contractor specializing in all types of underground work including shoring, piling, ground improvement, micropiling, grouting, anchoring, excavation and dewatering.


Prime Contractor For Mega Projects

Effective management of megaprojects relies on three key concepts: planning and organizing early, communicating with stakeholders, and integrating project controls.

Geotechnical Department

Geotechnical engineering | NFP-Eurocode 7-ASTM-BS | Foundation | Stability | Coring | Piezometers| SPT | Pumping test|Dewatering.

Geotechnical Quality Control

Impedance measurements on piles | ultraSonic inspections on piles| Static pile load test| Lateral pile load test| Dynamics pile load test.

About Us

Congo Soutènement Engineering Company

Specialized in geotechnical and foundation engineering - Congo Soutenement- provides a variety of solutions covering :

  • All kind of foundation piles Bored piles /CFA piles/ Driven piles ,Full displacement piles.
  • Shoring systems such as secant and contiguous pile walls,Sheet Piles ,Shotcrete etc.
  • Temporary and permanent ground anchors/nails.
  • Complete empowerment packages including excavation and dewatering.
  • Design and built geotechnical solution.
  • Involving high level expertise in geotechnical and foundation engineering and providing cost effective solutions to the projects.
  • We have more than 20 years of experience we know how to get the job done on Time & with best possible quality.

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