Bored Piles

Bored piles are cylindrical bodies made of concrete (with or without reinforcement) which are installed in the ground by a variety of methods. They transmit high structural loads into lower, load-bearing soils.

Bored Piles In Congo

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Bored Piles

Types of Driven Piles: Exploring Different Materials and Construction Methods

Driven piles are foundational elements extensively used in construction and civil engineering projects to support structures, transfer loads, and provide stability in various soil conditions. This article delves into the…

Quality Control for Bored Piles

Bored piles are an important foundation element in construction projects. They are often used to support heavy loads, and their performance is critical to the safety and stability of the…

Construction Techniques for Bored Piles

Constructing bored piles requires specialized equipment and skilled operators. The first step in the construction process is to mobilize the drill rig and begin drilling the hole. The hole is…

Design Considerations for Bored Piles

Designing bored piles requires careful consideration of a number of factors, including the soil and rock conditions, the loads to be supported, and the required pile capacity. The first step…

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