Earth Retention System

We plan and construct excavation pits considering side conditions. According to the requirements we execute slope protection, contiguous pile walls, Secant Piles wall , sheet pile, bored pile etc .. Necessary retaining systems such as anchors or struts.
Additionally dewatering measures and the execution of all earth works is part of our range of services.

Earth Retention System In Congo

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Types of Earth Retention Systems: Soldier Piles and Lagging

Soldier piles and lagging is a technique used to provide support to the soil in construction and infrastructure development. Vertical steel piles, known as soldier piles, are driven into the…

Types of Earth Retention Systems: Sheet Piling

Sheet piling is a commonly used earth retention system in construction and infrastructure development. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to create a vertical barrier in the soil. The…

Common Challenges in Designing and Building Earth Retention Systems

While earth retention systems are a crucial component of many construction projects, they can also present significant challenges in their design and construction. One of the primary challenges is determining…

Benefits of Using Earth Retention Systems in Construction Projects

There are many benefits to using earth retention systems in construction projects. First and foremost, these systems provide crucial support to the soil, preventing it from collapsing or sliding, which…

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