Contiguous Pile Wall

A spaced pile wall system is built with a series of bored piles – with center-to-center spacings not exceeding the diameter of three piles.
The stability of the piles is ensured either by the self strength of the piles or by using rows of internal bracing or prestressed anchors. Steel reinforcement is used in every pile and consists of either a steel cage or steel profiles.

Contiguous Pile Wall In Congo

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What is a Contiguous Pile Wall?

A contiguous pile wall, also known as a secant pile wall, is a type of retaining wall made up of a series of overlapping piles. The piles are drilled and…
Contiguous Pile Wall

Construction of a Contiguous Pile Wall

The construction of a contiguous pile wall typically involves the following steps: Excavation: The area where the wall will be installed is excavated to the required depth and width. Pile…
Contiguous Pile Wall

Design Considerations for a Contiguous Pile Wall

The design of a contiguous pile wall is critical to its success. The wall must be designed to withstand the lateral forces and pressures of the soil, as well as…
Contiguous Pile Wall

Advantages of Using a Contiguous Pile Wall

There are several advantages to using a contiguous pile wall in construction projects. Firstly, the wall provides excellent lateral support and prevents soil movement and collapse. This is particularly important…

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