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Constructing bored piles requires specialized equipment and skilled operators. The first step in the construction process is to mobilize the drill rig and begin drilling the hole. The hole is typically drilled in sections, with each section being excavated and lined with casing before drilling proceeds to the next section.

Once the hole has been drilled to the required depth, the reinforcement cage is lowered into the hole and positioned correctly. The concrete is then pumped into the hole from the bottom, using a tremie pipe to ensure that the concrete is properly placed and that no voids or air pockets are present. The concrete is typically placed in segments, with each segment being allowed to set before the next segment is added.

After the concrete has been placed, the top of the pile is typically capped with a steel or concrete pile cap, which distributes the loads from the structure above across the pile. The pile cap is usually connected to the pile with reinforcement bars, which are embedded in the concrete.