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Soil nail walls are a type of retaining wall that is used to stabilize soil slopes and prevent landslides. They are an effective and economical method of retaining soil, and they are commonly used in construction projects where a slope must be excavated or where a retaining wall is required. Soil nail walls are constructed by drilling holes into the soil and inserting steel reinforcing bars, known as soil nails, which are then grouted in place. The soil nails are anchored at the top of the slope, and the face of the slope is reinforced with shotcrete or other materials to create a stable wall.

Soil nail walls have several advantages over other types of retaining walls. They are relatively inexpensive to construct, they can be designed to accommodate different soil types and slope angles, and they can be constructed quickly. In addition, soil nail walls are less intrusive than other types of retaining walls, and they can be designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape.